Naked and Dumb


sell your clothes
and go out in the cold
just another one of the mistakes
like the ones i was told

change my mind set
make me dream of Illinois
and sing me to sleep in the Chicago streets
then run me back to Brooklyn

tell me, i reek of cigarettes
and that i’m too drunk to be sound
but the night is not over yet
i’m not just some bitch you can walk around

i put on my lipstick
and a layer of makeup to hide behind
maybe i’ll look out of place
but i know you’ll like this face

this is not my daydream
and its not even remotely a nightmare
i’ll look and still not find it
a reason not to stay under your rain

17, thats the magic number
the year i found you
21, the year i’m most grateful for
i wasn’t fun enough for you

now i’m your art angel
dress me up in feathers
i’m your masterpiece
yet i wear the trashy shit

i weep lightening
but my thunder isn’t loud enough
you tell me to take a pill to make me numb
you only like me when i’m naked and dumb

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