Cherry Blossoms


cherry blossoms fall to the earth
and you smile with every passing breath
the earth remains the same like an endless stream
we’re forever trapped in my cigarette daydream

I look every night through my telescope
wondering how the future will be
but i have eternal hope
just knowing i have you with me

i’ll take you into my meadow
you can carve your name on my tree
it will bind in a state of gleo
a euphoric freedom with me

whether it was bright or bleak
we’d stand through thin and thick
we meet the adversary blow for blow
till we vanquish every foe

Cherry blossoms from the ground
only to fall from the sky
the bloom in the love we are bound
is that which will never die

the daffodil bed we made is its marrow
and the winter bird plays possum
down south is the home for the sparrow
where the cherry bushes will blossom

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