Ever Afters (by Timi)

Wake up Prince Charming
Your sleeping beauty awaits

Lady don’t run away from love
I know that what we shared was romantic
But leaving me with just a slipper is a bit dramatic

Will you forgive the skeletons in my dungeon
And that I trapped you all by your lonesome
Will you stay until the heart of this beast blooms
And perhaps show him true loving too

I’m coming back to retake the throne
I abdicated when I ran away from home
Thank you for believing in me

Let out your hair into the wind princess
And call out all the colours that’s you see

– Oluwatimilehin O. Babatunde

Dear Gussie (by Mae)

If we were able to grab the meaning of it all
what else would we have for a purpose?
If we were privy to the secret of the mystery
would it not tear us apart from within?

Perhaps this question of evil we like to ask
isn’t about how a god can permit this to occur,
but how can man perpetuate it
knowing the pain and reality of suffering
choosing for someone else to die instead of him?

This seems to me to be the crux of the crucifixion myth:
that we must sacrifice for our fellow man
and each bear our cross to atone for all of evil.
this morning I tried to imagine a world
where we did our very best to accomplish this

It lead me to thoughts of Armagideon, but it could be Paradise.

– Madeleine C. Claire