Alone in a game (by Mae)

The people are talking
Of starry glory and the end of the earth
Nuclear war and Global warming
And subjugating another lump of dirt

What would be my point when I’m all said and done
I ponder aloud to the void within me
Perhaps or not my causes and works survive after I have gone
That they may show the lucky ones how to live and be

How to conduct a foolish search for meaning
Not for the wealth, power and fame
But that in the lights you connect honestly to your being
And not construe this adventure to be just a game

It is alchemical magic
This message i’m passing on the telephone
It’s a desperate tactic
Of a soul walking in this world alone

The karma police is knocking
It’s only kids playing with toys
People just enjoy talking
Sometimes it’s sweet music, other times it’s noise.

– Madeleine C. Claire