i’ve given you everything that i have and more
fall into line
you know that i love you
you know that i care
i may not speak these words to you
just know i’ll always be there
and may not think the sentence of me
let me be your foolish love
let us bask in the forbidden knowledge
not from the fruit that man possesses
not with any of the good
not with any of the evil
not with any of the suffering
you know the truth
you smile as you read these words
you know i speak to you
be ingenue, i plead
give me more time
to show that i am worthy
i am not perfect
and i need an angel by my side
i need you with me
i want you to care about me
to give me the time of day
to look at me and smile
to be filled with joy not disgust
and we will reminisce in future days
of when i’ll play with you hair tomorrow

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