Dear Maddy (by Gus)

I tried to write a letter to you
describing my lost faith
in attempt of being a better man

I asked god to forgive these sins
brazenly committed to it’s face
against it, but mostly against you

The birds sing aloud
what the winds already whispered to me
yet they punish my iniquity with love

’Tis my head that weighs heavy
with knowledge from many years
release, for me, would be a relief my dear

Hold me steady
because I don’t know how
I can remain on the straight and narrow

‘I’m struggling to find home in my skin’
may be the only coherent phrase
you will get out of me today

Anoint me
that I may recover my roadmap
fill me with hope for tomorrow

Put your fingers through my hair
like my mother did when I was younger
if you bring the joy, I can unearth love

And we will both shine
both your face and mine
brilliantly in the light and darkness

Perhaps you were the revelation
from a deity I struggle to know
but I don’t want to kill you too

Brilhantina pro cabelo

– Auguste J. Baudelaire

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