#8 – Avenue


All I wanted was to do right
But in my passions was led into this song
And as I strayed from the light
I left you with this wrong

Of Goading the feeble-minded beast
With the hilt of your sword
Responsible for this abomination soaking our feet
The blood of those still joined at the cord

What will you pray, say
About this senseless massacre
That I have wrought upon this day
You harbinger of disaster

Do you not hear the bells tolling
For you and for me
Do you not feel hells grasp tightening
Do you still believe we are free

Someone’s going to pull me up from under
Although it might be foolish to ponder
That from the wrongs of hades and all we had mistaken,
Right will come to lead us to heaven

Don’t you dare
Think you can understand me now
I don’t care
And nothing can stop me now.

From another world
You can say
Be a little foolish
Right and Wrong be One and the Same.

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