Magic Stalk


This wasn’t to be the place to spill these beans
but my darling i’m a vagabond lost
drifting alone through time and space
and everyone can see his mark upon my face

Would you, dear stranger, do me the honour
of sheathing this sword i’ll plunge into my chest
its the only thing tethering my pieces together
I’m hollow without form filled with straw

There’s something to be learnt in dying
surrendering to the afterlife’s midwife
finally watching and appreciating each breath
softly and tenderly departing from the earth

I think back to a time when I played in the sand
making angels with our limbs on the floor
oh what I would give to go back and hold your hand
will I recognise him if love were at my door

You, my friends, don’t, pay attention to this shiftless drunk
that knows nothing about the real thing
its always this or that or some other trifle
let him go gently
let him drink, hell,
let him sing

about the man he murdered out in the forest
and the baby he sacrificed to the world
now he daydreams of peace and understanding
may Pluto grant him a just reckoning

He breaths softly, tears in his eyes
licking his lips at the sight of you
Condemn him to Judecca’s ice
He mustn’t repent his life, for want of nothing left to lose

I’m breathing
I’m here and I’m leaving
I’m dying
without flair, its everywhere
somewhere over there and I’m blooming

I’m sorry
I was trying unsuccessfully to be good
I wonder what i’ll find up in these clouds
oh whoever you are
will you forgive me

I’m breathing
I’m dying
I’m breathing
I’m living

Oh, I forgot to add, I planted some magic seeds.

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