#51 – the path of ghosts


I want to see your ghost
to ask if it’s lonely and cold
with the lord of hosts
In the city of gold
If you’re happy there
I’ll consider joining when i’m old
But just you say the word
And I’ll come storming in
With the foolish and the bold
To break the sheep from the fold
Oblivious to the tales of old
Just you say the word
And this world will come to an end
But you won’t be alone
And the nights won’t be cold
I spoke to a native doctor
Who became my friend
The one from the story of the tortoise
Trying to get his wife pregnant
He asked that I bow my head to the floor
And before the most high be repentant
Just you say the word
And I shall gently knock on heavens door
Like a good school boy
Who knows not a thing about God
Now truth be told
I don’t know what I know
Not even what I do not know
So I adhere to wisdoms of old
And analyze whatever it is I am told
I’m drawing a map from these paths
That appear beneath my feet
I hope that we can once again laugh
At the end of this journey when we meet.

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