#17 – First find love, then ask how?


Everything means nothing
he said after their first fight
Let the day shine on your loving
But get it out of my sight

I might be coming down with something
She tells me over the telephone
I have some medicine i could bring
if you’d rather not be left alone

She swayed in her step, so elegantly
bare footed, unabashed and smiling radiantly
she spoke some words to me in solitude
it was of some undying gratitude

I’ll be a mirror for you
just reflect on me the things that you do
somedays it’ll be about rain or life on the road
other times, you can just use me to lighten your load

you’re a creation full of compassion and grace
being around you always gets me high
I know every time we meet and I see your face
i fall deeper in love with the gleam in your eye

Even the tiniest sentiments would mean the whole world,
she said in their last fight
just wrap me in your arms i don’t wish to be impearled
we loved good, but we’ve got to learn to love right

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