#14 – No one’s business 2.0


I can’t blame you for leaving, if you felt in pain
i saw you in a dream and it got me thinking
that could it all have been in vain
i tear while you dance, and i walk away

i am beginning to suspect, the heat of love
involves sustained friction of hearts
but thats more pain than fitting into you like a glove
like monkeys holding a wrench, screwing the wrong parts

bubbles pop, volcanos blow
geysers shoot up, streams and rivers flow
i wouldn’t choose one over the other
because i think they all serve a higher order

so i was thinking, to join you dancing
In the peaks and valleys, to the darkness of mines
it’s too late, you told me crying
I understand what you mean, the blame is all mine

I promised you, i’d be there
and in my struggles, i was fatally unclear
while you wandered about keeping time
becoming another’s business, no longer mine

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