#5 – Knock knock


A vagabond knocks softly on your door
‘hey baby come outside and have some more’
we’re bitter inside but pretend to be sweet
because a pyrrhic victory is worth more than defeat

A libertine king fills up my bags
as I kiss his rings and promise to come back
to him, the pearls and our mansions in the sky
then I found love and the resolve, to not return a lie

I bore out my soul as much as I could
and if you only knew how much it took
perhaps I was selfish, to think you would want my load
but i thought you understood what it was like to implode

do you remember screaming at me to go away?
you ignored the cracks, even the look on my face
do you remember later asking me to stay?
we played a losing game, but at least we ran the race

i’ll leave a crack in the door, but not to be a lover
I’m just thankful that you and I grew, and nurtured one another
so this is my way of asking, that we put differences aside
and not shun what good we built, in the name of pride

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