Imperfection is Beauty (by Timi)

I want to look at you
Maybe even hold your hand
and watch you all the while

Oh, t’was a heavenly view
Sitting on that hilltop playing with sand
You were an angel meditating with a smile

It’s the radiance of gold next to coal
The way your eyes shone into my soul

I was wrapped in lonesome blues
heartbroken with nothing else to do
Then you spoke of love, time and space

The labyrinth between inferno and the promised place
It imprinted on me a glorious bind
I lose unhappiness, when you’re on my mind

It’s a blessing seeing you sway to that song
Our fingers kissing, but never for too long

I know I could set things right
If I pave my way with heavenly starlight
Lift you with these words, way up high
I’ll be your happy loving bluebird, can’t I?

Your mellifluous voice in my ear
Whispering to me ’my dear
embrace me with your arms like a bow
and leap beyond clouds and over rain…ohs’

I know hearing this might be hard
But honey, I want you so bad
Just to make you smile
Even if it’s just for a little while

A. fantasy I wrote while thinking of you.

– Oluwatimilehin O. Babatunde

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