Absolutely NOTHING


I’m going to draw a heart
With a knife
Pushing deeply as I start
Allowing the warm blood to flow down the scars that tattoo my arm

I’m sitting in a bath
Soaking my sorrow
Through desolate memories
Of not wanting to see tomorrow

Deconstruct the illusions in your life
And let the truth sink
Let it distort your core and your joy
Let it soak in the light and leave you without your shine
Like a jet without fuel
High and dry
Falling from the sky

And in your inner most castle walls
Just across the palace gates
Hungry babies eyes
And you want to love and nurture
But as you feed
They choke, and with tears in their eyes they die
In your arms they rot
You’re glued to the spot

Bright lights flashes
I’m laying on my back
Yet standing along the corridor
Watching as they wheeled my body across the hospital
I was pale like a ghost and I wasn’t moving
They covered up my art, to stop my blood flowing
And frantically tried to restart my heart, to keep my body going

They didn’t find a pulse and neither could I
I have misplaced it years ago, when I replaced my body with soap
And my bones with ropes
My blood was tears and all my mind was fears

I had put flowers in my chest, and willed them to grow,
thinking it could maybe rejuvenate my soul
But it didn’t and I knew that I would not survive
So I tried to trick my mind,
And tell my fears a lie
That when the flowers die and warm waters flow.
I’ll make myself a new heart to make my body glow

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