How are you?

18/02/2017 – 22/02/2017

We inhaled each other’s atmosphere
A bit of each other’s universe
You penetrate me
As I penetrate you
Our consciousness intertwined
As we become one
We are love
We give love
We see G-d
Floating around in all of you
In all of me
As we
Escape our mundane existences to become light beings
And you,

Held the cardboard to paradise
And fed me ambrosia
Filled my heart with ichor
That we may be greater than what is to come. And all that has been given

We fold around a core.
Where we can shape my heart, your heart.

Chain me down and
Deconstruct my parts
Let me envy your entity
And think less of your ethereal beauty

Let me remind you that even in an intoxicated state
I can drive you further into confusion because I speak to you
I don’t know you, but you know me

Let us bask in eternity
Eons we create with our minds.
As we explore cosmos
Trying to figure out who is you and who is me

We journey through day and night
Through entity and nothing
Transcending over existence and in existence
Break your heart and breaking mine

We have nothing left but each other
As we dissolve into our bodily fluids
And unite in passionate cries
And I knew you knew
When you asked
How are you?

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