Ride into the Sun (by Timi)

We both lost our bearings
Dancing to songbirds at dawn
Her rumbustious laugh ending in a snort
It was of the contagious sort
And I joined shortly on the floor
With my ribs aching and my eyes wet
‘I feel so young, like a child’
She said, making an angel in the sand
I leaned over and blew a raspberry in her belly
We both laughed some more

‘I feel like a baby, full of potential
Not yet spent by a life lived’
I whispered this into her ears
As though I was confessing a repented thought
Then I stretched out next to her and lay still
I felt the waves lap under my warming skin
Her head found space next to mine
‘Wouldn’t you love to ride into the sun?
Just you and me’
‘Would we survive the trip?’ I asked
‘Would it matter?’ She replied.

– Oluwatimilehin O. Babatunde

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