#12 – Wir waren namenlos


The children gather around the rainbow coloured xylophone
Singing rhymes that the teacher taught them a day ago
Holding hands circling rings around the player who was suddenly not alone
It’s a lovely memory buried in my past from forever ago

I glide through the rooms in this mind palace
Trying to retrace some steps I seem to have lost
You are the oil poured over the head of the king from the middle school play
I am the traitors cup of wine from an eventful last meal

There he was sitting on his hospital bed
Playing a video game that he got some Christmases ago
Not a care in the world that he had been dead
Maybe not more than 3 hours ago

She is convulsing at the foot of the altar
Enraptured with zeal for the ineffable
Save him lord or i may very much die as well, she cried
To all who watched, the truth echoing was palpable.

We were children circling the glorious throne
Lost in the profundity of reality
It was silent…
Echoing silence bordering on unreality.

Nameless but we knew better
And since we had all of eternity
We continued to sing and continued to dance
We continued to love as though it were our only chance.

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