My Make-Believe Friends & I Love You


Merrily, rowing past, the once thought horizon
the wind in your hair, as you heartily take in breaths
we’re headed to where no man has ever been
sailing beyond the edges of this very earth

Keep your head up my darling Wendy, and smile
take no heed, to the detestable, and envious croaker
that groans of the world’s turns, just you wait a while
things always come around sooner rather than never

These places, we love, that we call homeland
the feeling tarnation of being more amongst strangers than friends
our open want to love each other in spite of arbitrary lines in the sand
and the phantom majority, gazing out through a polarised lens

Its a slow revolution, thats what i’ve always told you
these steps inch forward, though we clawback once or twice
virtues compound up in our collective point of view
the happenings will prove not to be random throws of dice

In the dream we sat, by the shore, talking next to a fire we built
and you said the whole world, feels covered with frost
how do we spread this warmth to lift the corners and create a smile
a light attracting attention that all, will be well, and is not lost.

PS. Be virtuous, seek knowledge, expand your views and when with another of same or different cast of mind, maintain and strengthen your humanity, Be Kind.

PPS. With a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you. I wish you great fortune on this journey too.

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