African-American Divorce


There’s dust on your windshield
but there you were
sitting by the five-0’s fender,
saying baby, come here

there’s a funny eccentricity
in the mathematics of my dreams
I listen to a man preaching common laws
and try to discern what he truly means

Will you join me as I raise hell
and stake your life to this slow revolution
because if we don’t, I can tell
that ours will be another lost generation

In this story of vows and rivers
that’s the same everywhere I went
this boy, all scrawny and shivers
and this girl, just wanting things to be different

Take your virgin out to the matinee
and kiss her tenderly
because boy you will never see
the girl you fell in love with so dearly

Her parents worked her up to tears
and made you a criminal in her eyes
you misunderstanding her childhood fears
did nothing to stand up against their lies

Maybe she’ll sing you a song
a rhapsody of what you shared in the dark
she’ll return the ring of love promised to last long
and finally turn her back

She ran away from it all, taking all that you had
except what you wished to give
have your heart and wedding ring back
she wept, even though she chose to leave

Its been a decade since the day
you found that note in her hijab behind your closet
she said, ‘although I don’t want to remember the U.S of A
I still love you, and my days with you were the best.’

In a letter I wrote,
‘Sharon, I’m sorry I was weak
when you needed me the most
I still believe miracles happen
these feelings are my curse and gift from heaven.
because I had confused them with what was true
and I thought this world was made especially for me and you.’

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