#12 – sing another song, boys


This is a song
I happened across alone
The night I tried to find
a place to belong
And I heard you sing
On that microphone

This is a bar
For all the manics
Who loved heart first
accused of going too far
To quench that thirst
Here, remember, do not panic

This is about a lady
and a man
Who were willing to travel
into the depths, of human
Together forever
Or at least, until death

This is a hotel
For the broken hearted
Who just want somebody to hold
And the lost souls
of the dearly departed
Too scared to return back home

This is a home where you can be free
We don’t worry about what’s in your closet
Or if you don’t have a cloth rack
Don’t you bother your chest with secrets
Lighten the load off your back
Find the real you, and the real me

This is a song
For wallflowers in a bar
Enjoying the nightly philharmonics
This is a place to belong
And it’ll never be far
We share doobage and gin tonics

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