#11 – “Man sieht sich immer zweimal”


Let’s dance over the beads at night
And relish in the summers starlight
You both are gems in the wide wild world
In your glories, our souls unfurled

There I was discovering the things you know
You smiled, irresistibly engaged and going with the flow
Of gin tonic, Molly, and late night salvation
Against the odds, we met and softened into early morning conversation

You hadn’t been traveling for too long
And we never went too far
But without regaling our ears with a song
We knew you both were superstars

When the world froze for a night
And all were 4 twinkling starlights
Drinking in a bar, by the river
We spoke about a homey Italian dinner

How special was that man? He asks me

More than what my words could even explain! I reply, trying to sound wise

We have to do this again some other day, we’ll come visit you when we’re free

You said: Of course, you know, people always meet each other twice

– For P. Hans & S. Moon

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