#10 – We have got so much


I don’t want to begin my thoughts with ifs and maybes
but you are contradictory to my logic
maybe and if I were a better man, then I would just be
without any of the struggles of being
But that would hardly make me a man, would it?
just a machine or a god
either way, I feel you’d prefer that,
then you could use me
selfishly and unfeeling without remorse

Please don’t let these words worry you
Just thoughts that sprung in my mind
from depths I am unaware of
but I know enough that that they do not belong to me alone
so perhaps you will forgive my imperfections
for they are who I am
And I shall continue forging on
in a path I shall make mine

This is not a poem
but a confession, a secret and assertion
for the dead and the living
as long as you can forgive and love again
then it’ll all be right, because you and I know thats what we have to do
Soon they would come to round us up
to quell the slow revolutions happening in our minds
to trample on the flowers growing in our hearts

I would like to go on and on, I don’t care
I’m singing a life’s song, that I become a better man
and I know you’ll join along, and share this light air
This love for love makes me a child again
I’m foolish and learning, maybe I’m free
Will you build these castles with me on the beach
as you take a break from where you are from
on the journey to where you are headed
and if you ask for directions,
I’ll point to both sides, then up and down
and tell you we have to hurry
to where we’re going
our ambitions expanding the circle of journey
and I’ll be with you at the destination, which is where we come from
Take the first step
and the fantasies shall become real life
take the first step
and what you will find will change your life
from the depths in me erupts this message
and if you’re willing to hear it
just like i’m willing
you’ll see that we have all got so much.

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