#2 – a little princess


There’s a little princess in your town
And she’s all on her own
You mustn’t let her down
Neither now nor when she’s all grown

There’s a little princess trapped somewhere in an attic
She’s gone from a hundred to nearly zero
And I fear she might soon begin to panic
Someone please, we need a superhero

Do you think you have what it takes
To don on the cape
Or are you just another one of the fakes
Trying for an unruly escapade

There’s a princess playing with her dolls
Ones very small, the other slightly tall
They were having tea and playing house
Until they were interrupted by a cat chasing a mouse

She met a gentleman’s monkey
That happened to sneak in through the window
She wondered gazing out of the balcony
If a saviour would come from the world below

There’s a peasant boy
Slaving away in the castle
Day and night, but in his suffering finding joy
Who heard the racket from that day
And wondered what was all the hassle

So one day when he thought he was alone
He snuck to the peak of the stairwell
And when he heard her voice his ghost almost left his bones
He tripped and down the stairs, he fell

She called out to him
Looking from the keyhole
‘Help me please, please help me’
He thought she must have been who had been using the extra food bowls

The next day while alone again
We walks up and knocks asking
How can I help you?
Why are you up here?

My father is dead
And this witch keeps me locked up here
All that is in here is a bed
And a window for fresh air

He sneaks into the mistresses room
And steals a mysterious looking key
He fits it into the lock and twists
The little princess bursts out free

The sound of a horse carriage stops their short jubilation
And they go off to the back to hide
The girl giggling with elation
As he lead the way into a pig sty

Peeking out they hear a sharp cry
And fiery smoke rise up into the sky
Suddenly they saw the monkey screeching to get their attention
He leads the way out through the back plantation

This girl ran in the direction of the brook
And stood behind a man holding a sword
She embraced him with tears in her eyes calling him father
He looks arms stretched to the boy calling him son

He puts them behind him to face the eternal adversary
Knowing that bygones do not remain bygones
He must do what is necessary
By slaying this beast of a dragon

There’s a little princess in our town
And she’s running faraway
Please don’t let her down
Give her a place to stay

She’s making up stories
From her prison in the attic
Of knights and dragons and all sorts of glories
Trying desperately not to panic

There’s a princess in your town
She laughs thinking how I must sound
I’m going to be okay she smiles
I’ve got a knack for weaving truthful wiles

There’s a girl I saw today
Who carries herself with the dignity of royalty
She saves herself, eventually some other day
She gained mine and your loyalties

I’ll fight for this little princess
Till I’ve given up all the breath in my lungs
Give everything I have in excess
I know i’m not going to be wrong

Loving a little princess
as a little peasant boy
And being a little princess
Loving a peasant boy

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