#9 – The merry blues


It’s the merry blues
And quiet nights alone in my head
Loved by thoughts of you
Trying to get in my bed

It’s the merry blues
And memories in the lush forest
smoking marijuana with you
Someone said, those times were the best

On so many nights
If you remember the words we said
Clutching underneath starlights
The dirt and the whole earth were our bed

It’s the merry blues
And a breath of fresh air
Neither of us was bad news
But who’s objective in a love affair?

You can call me a liar
And deny once, and deny twice any claim
That your heart was ever on fire
And it was all just an expertly played game

I have only one excuse
For the scene that’s stuck in my head
And it’s the merry blues
You and I dancing, as we make your bed.

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