#25 – Annemarie and Noel


My shoes got stained with tar
During a jog, though I didn’t go that far
I took them off outside of my door
‘Cause the last thing I’d want to mess up was the house floor
I washed hard to get the stain off
So I’ll give it an afternoon to dry off

I’m not usually one to talk
But I asked if I could join you on a walk
So we spoke of transcendentals and the rule of law
Arguments justifying natural rights and it’s flaws
What a human should be and how friends are made
What it takes to be happy, forgive and the patience to be cheerful as sorrows fade

I bumped into you in a metro on the way to work
You were dressed in a white and blue pleated frock
A couple of weeks later we met in the park
We agreed to meet up for a picnic and frisbee lark
It was an engaging fun and really inspiring time
And we culminated the night with a kiss
uninfluenced by the joint or bottle of fine wine.

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