#19 – the quarantine playlists (For a daisy, Kisbaba)


Tears drop into my tea
And reflecting in the ripple
I see you my darling, and she
Love and Life at times
can seem so fickle

To wrote this: to you
A musical prose
Of the movements in my soul
What my mouth could not say,
I suppose

It was: a quiet, longing
For a return to simplicity
I feel your agony in the depths of my sorrow
It was: a mood
dug from grateful reciprocity

I’m waiting for you lady
On the beach in a haven
Lie with me again baby
In the light and in the dark
And make this wasteland heaven

A Quiet (24M/13W)
…Longing (20M/20W)
…Mood (17M/11W)
to you. (15M/13W)

– For Kati.

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