#16 – ramblings in perpetuity


What does it mean to care for the world and be overjoyed
And where will you be when the final bell is rung
who is the one and how do we even begin to fill the void
And when shall the saints depart in song

The why of it all escapes me
Because you see everyday I struggle with the question of what it means to be
The immense suffering, present in it all
Conscious that the spirit of subtle resentfulness was what brought about the fall

I watched your eyes light up
And the corners of your mouth lift into a smile
The elegance in your speech and the way you walk
I’m completely enthralled by your style

Will you save me from the fiery pit
For the one good thing that I ever did
or will I go mad in this place I sit
pull me out if god bids

I have to leave home,
to find a dragon to slay
Will you give me a kiss
(like when we were alone)
If I am able to save the day

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