#1 – The wisdom of old


In time immemorial i searched for gold
and for so long it was beyond my reach
now i’m a man, who might seem way too old
but i assure you, there’s something i can teach
about the lessons i learnt in yesterdays
from the friends who righted my way

Firstly, be cheerful and be kind
your most valuable asset is your mind
envy and vainglory are the evils of the soul
avoid them if you ever wish to remain whole
also be sure to carry out your duties reliably
always be grateful and treat others respectfully

stay simple, the wisdom of old is valuable treasure
if you love your neighbours and friends, your reward will be beyond any measure
have compassion, and always forgive
your hands can only receive after they have been stretched to give
work hard, make mistakes and learn
be cautious about what you do not know
teach others what you know.

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