A Wrench

they said,
‘to love you is to die.’
i read their lips as i rose my wrists
to hug your knife,

you said,
‘i’ve searched the world far and wide,
you were all i was hoping to find.’
but now i’m thinking,
maybe you lied.

i said,
‘i would always be there
and i promise to love you till the end.’
well, the end is here
and the promise is like the love,
and the love is like this song,

maybe i could repair my heart
and mend this trust
to be a better man
to be a stronger man
the one she knew me to be
the one i know she would want me to be

you said,
‘do the things now for yourself’
though i’m are only alive because of she.

now she’s gone,
you’re gone
and I have to live on,
for me, our promise of love, and she.

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