In the eyes of God’s gift

She’s utterly and heartbreakingly beautiful
In the simple kind of way
The way she chooses her words and the stride in her walk
She was the star on which I would pray

I’m imperfect and brokenly affected
And this is what I had to say
break me and remake me
I’ll be yours, loving and to love everyday

She shapes the ground I dance around
Pneuma of magic at night, Golden Starfire by day
make me like you, to be ,as one ,as is with two
tell me the magic words, angel, teach me how to pray

tell me, how does a person feel alive? (what does it mean to feel alive)
She smiles coyly and replies:
The answer you seek lies beyond any meaning
Always remember that you have to die

Show love and kindness to one more person
So that maybe in their eyes you will see it
or like you did for me, hold their hand
and maybe, just maybe, you will feel it.

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