Dreaming Tigers (Ein Urlaub in meinem Kopf)

The Tiger Looked Just As Beautiful As You Do
Although I Would Argue
To My Dreaming Mind, And My Waking Eyes
That Its Carnal Eyes Spoke True

I Was Unsure, You See
I Had Run In Shame And Fear
Somewhere Between Lust, Magic And Suicide
Backpedaling And Lonely, I Wish You’d Appear

I Saw A Painting Yesterday
Of A Garden I Used To Live In
And The River You Had Playfully Called The Sea
And The Path We Would Walk In

I Want You To Take This Chest
And Weigh It Against A Feather
After My Little Death, And Tell Me Whether
Your Little Death Will Keep Me Alive

Forgive Me, I Speak In Jest

At The End Of The Dream, I Stood For You, A Leap Away
Drinking Water As You Approached
You Made It Known That I Was Your Friend
And You Let Me Stroke Your Fur…
Just Then I Become A Lion
And Feel Your Hand Run Through My Mane
I Feel Your Claws Caress Against My Paw
And I See Your Smile In My Eyes

Gazing At Your Carnal Eyes,
Forever Impressed On The Insides Of My Mind.

– For Allegra

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