Tell The Ones You Love

Tell My Mom I’m Sorry
Some Of These Dreams Whither Away
And Like The End Of A Winter’s Tale Or Summer Story
It’s Me And You And Our Knitted Connection In Disarray

Find My Brothers And Tell Them I’m Gone
That I Got Lost In The Woods
I Met A Woman And She Had A Cradle,
I Promised To Be The Father Of That Baby
And Thats Why I’m Not Coming Home

Tell My Father I Engraved His Message In My Chest
And That I’ll Let My Son Know, Or My Daughter
That There’s A World, Not Like The One You See
And With The Right Approach, You Can Achieve Your Dreams

Remind Me In Future Days, That We Got High Together
That We Played Silly Games On Each Other
That We Prayed To Something We Hoped Could Hear Us
On The Road, Far From Home, Just A Couple Of Souls
Searching To Become Whole

Slap The Truth Into Me
Maybe Grab My Hair Too, Until My Scalp Bleeds
Remind Me That There’s Some Good In The World, And All Is Not Lost
Remind Me That All The Love We Feel, Is Definitely Worth The Cost

Tell My Mom I’m Sorry
Because I Didn’t Know If She Would Listen To Me
And That I Loved The Way She Brushed My Hair And Tucked Me Into Bed
The Stories She Read To Me Created This Palace In My Head

You Know This Already
But I’ll Reiterate This Again
Let Your Friends Know That They Mean The World To You
And Tell Your Family You Love Them.

by: Babatunde Oluwatimilehin
—.Tell My Mom Her Boy Misses And Loves Her, Everyday.
He Has Since He Was A Part Of Her,
And He’s Grateful For This Love
Now That She’s A Part Of Him.

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