Just pieces of We

Something makes me wander across the stars i find in your eyes
sometimes at night i fantasise about that evening on the river side
you wore that pink summer dress you said was your moms
and I
I was hopelessly in love with the look in your eyes

I’d write an epistle about the hunger the loss of you makes me feel
it’s called body without a soul,
a bear with no hide, and a wolf with no bones
but alas the water flows, from the lakes into the homes
and I
wonder how it is that even now, you are so real

these trees grow from the love in you
and these roots sink to the hells in me
I hope the fruit is blessed and leaves stay evergreen
longing, softly and strongly
to not be stirred from this violent dream

I listened to your visions, the light intense in your eyes
the colour flushing in your smile
our souls locking and unlocking,
it’s not lost at all, just a piece of me you’d have to carry with you
and I
carry a piece of you in me

shall we compare our gods, our love, fears and hate
you told me about things such of: power and fate
where we come from and why we are here
and what happens before we are born and after we die
Oh how i do enjoy being lost wandering across infinity in your eyes

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