It’s a long way


Today I wrote, and I’ve read it over and over
Something for people to hear, something sober
I know that some people question whether to reach out, and not be passive
I don’t worry
I know that sometimes I seem a bother,
yes yes, you know,
memento mori

Everything becomes a distant memory
And who knows if we’ll make it to be old and gray
What good does it do for you to laugh heartily tomorrow
When at night you’re tormented by those whose smiles you killed today

Hypocritical? Maybe, I would never claim perfection
But you know what, someday I’ll disappear and who knows?
Don’t be worried
Someday you’ll disappear too
But now we’re here
What do we have to lose?
What do we have to fear?
If you don’t care? Sure that’s fair
If you do, then just know that I’ll be there
Floating behind your eyelids as words
It hurts like heaven
I’m not worthy to speak the name of…
I can repeat the word
It hurts like heaven
And it’s a long way from hell

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