Tetragrammaton (DistantEarth-MMXCI)

I struggle to write rhymes about happy times
I want to explore what it truly means to die
And I mean this; death in all its glory
A funeral where no soul lets out a cry
A cremation for the sake of dignity
For my body to experience the scorching flames
Which my soul would not in the everlasting
I want to go through the motions of my everyday
Sleep wake, pray bake
Go to school late
Write or at least try
Fall in love, so I can break my heart and cry
Stare with starry eyes and an open jaw
At how easily you’d point out all my flaws
But still say you put your trust
In me
A guy that refuses to eat the pizza crust
And I feel you’re amazed about how I speak to you
As though you are a thousand people at once
As though my thoughts are way beyond these words
These words of love
These words of God
These words are a struggle
A delightful strife we all call life
Edging closer and closer to a release that sets us free
The kiss of death
As glorious as the breath of life
As odd as the way your eyes pierce mine
Maybe that’s all that life is
The way this energy flows between us
The way you felt something when I told you,
“I struggle…”
The way you respond,
“I do too,…”
In this simulation, I’ll be a fool everyday
And I’ll say
“I understand”
Hoping, just a little, that you will tell me
“Me too”
That movement, of snow sliding down the mountain
And your heart, pounding in your chest
Of a baby being born and a lamp to the slaughter
To your favorite coffee shop and your growing cancer
All is one
All is God
I’m not going to say I love you
Because I can’t control that I do
But if you know me as much as I know you
Maybe you will never know
And that is the truth
I hope you find this
Buried deep in my thoughts
I’m mad, but it’s not a problem
Because at least i’m not sad

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