.Aloha from a Persona.


this means hello and good bye

The noise of life is proud and loud
The silence of death is deafening
We’re chasing the stars from the ground
The shrieks of adventure our favorite sound
Can I rewind time to before me and you
To before Jesus broke the bread in two
And pray God to let this cup pass from me?
You were an illumination in the heavens
Wisdom made flesh before my very eyes. How do you stay so divine?

The clouds were starless as I stared into my fantasy
how far i could go
i would never know
but i strive, strive for more
as i dream higher and higher on the clouds i soar
and when i fall
into an ocean of my own sorrow
i have friends who give me joy to burrow
as together we approach a better tomorrow
I pray
that like a phoenix burning with golden wings
through the gallows of my earthly feelings
I rise
and even though the fantasy is dark tonight
if we survive the future will be bright

An immortal touch is buried deep in all of us
and to discover ourselves we must look within
puncture through the surface level till you feel it deep
sometimes I wish we could just be kids again
let the burning fire of our youth
ignite the dusty drapes in our mind
to reconnect with old friends
find out what we had and lost
my physics teacher some years ago told me I overthink the topics
in the same breath he commended my logic
when we argued in class for 3 hours about space travel
and he said it was his funnest class ever
maybe someday we’ll move to mars
I hope he remembers
I told him, that someday, we’ll become the night’s stars

To be , or not to be?
the foreigner spoke into the group
this next one is of bliss
I hope it doesn’t put you to sleep
do you rap rhymes or just read?
I want you to think about this tonight…
before you rest
think about anything you ever wanted
i’m serious, don’t try to be modest
imagine your deepest desires
all that you truly admire
well, i’ll tell you what i thought
one night I was staring into an empty field
under starry skies
and i felt the holy gaze of god’s eyes
closing in to me i heard a choir
slowly the stars begun to sink into the horizon
then, i wondered about my philosophy
and what I would leave behind
i thought of a beautiful story
where we were not slaves to our culture
and didn’t graze through life like herds on a field
like lambs to the slaughter
do the weights in our hearts
steer us when we daydream
staring out on turquoise nights
at skies filled with star light
often I long behind my thoughts
for a person that makes everything feel alright
you know, the person who just has those eyes
the ones that blow your mind
what we all want is that friend
that when ever life binds you down to your knees
would give you company that sets you free
the friend who never says never!
and promises to only forget you the day after forever!
I ask to know what you believe
I know even the anarchist give a damn
when you ask them, to be or not to be?
they speak the name of the divine , I will be what I will be

In the future I would like to walk my paths of yore
and see my past in new light
I cannot wait another life
she sees in colours that don’t exist
she has dreams of sounds that glow in the dark
wake up
please wake up
you don’t have to sleep
we are losing time
lets make reality like our dreams
and write lists under all the christmas trees
and climb all the mountains to wish closer to falling stars
lets dance wild and pretend to be aliens from mars
and embark on an imaginary adventure
eons pass like seconds
as we slumber in each others arms
the breeze kisses us in sleep
our tent grew wings to journey
And patience is a must
even if in the dark we lose touch

what if life was all a lie
in the mind of some benevolent guy
a cruel joke that he doesn’t try to hide
an unequal world that she doesn’t mind
would your grey eyes look back at mine
and see the patterns that are my soul
would you make me feel whole
what if life was a movie
and sometimes it rained tears from a devil’s eyes
and earthquakes shook like diarrhoea farts
in some vehicle moving around the sun
and we got paid with time
and you couldn’t quit the act.
a game thats never over,
that ends as soon as it begins
that begins as soon as it ends
what if life was a game?
of you, and you… and a thousand of you?
or a game of just me and yous?
would you play to lose?
knowing that it would leave me alone broken in two
what if the life was true
and all we had was a couple of rules
that you love me and i love you,
tell me again would you play to lose.

Now, i’m running, running faraway,
there are no stalls in this hall
creeping, in a place with no walls
i keep calling and tripping on landlines
now need crutches, just so i can keep walking walking
lets detoxify our souls and purify our mind
pushing buttons forcefully
sometimes not adhering to the trigger warnings
please stay
go away
please kill some more time with me
be weird
be mad
be sad
puncture my chest
feel my heart
and then leave fast
and when you turn around, don’t look back
i think we should move forward
i think we should venture onwards
and the sumtotal of our journeys would be to someday
meet again
and love again
like we love today
because who knows if we’ll die tomorrow

Between my dreaming mind and the real truth.
there is a multitude of things i have not told you
you think Timi, I cannot understand you.
this is because,
You lean over my meaning’s edge and feel
A dizziness of the things I have not said.
but what, i truly mean is
why don’t we try to love each other,
from now till the day we die
it means hello and good bye.
i wrote this when i was high

– For Veronika, A Mind and Beauty Extraordinaire.

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