Best friend No.2


Last week, I was thinking about how much I missed you.
I had hoped you were happy and not sad.
that you defeated the voices
you thought made you mad
and cried in your pillow to a happy tune
of strawberry fields just for you
I miss you so terribly,
that I sometimes see your smile in the sky.
Remember that evening we got so high?
we talked of your boyfriend’s band
and I told you a story that made you want cry.
to be dead candid
You showed me a truth that could not be a lie
I was just beginning to see
that our little adventures were what i had dreamed
I felt as free as the breeze
to call you my friend
like a cherry blossom tree blooming in midwinter
with petals floating amongst the snow
I felt like I could fly
to the sweet by and by
and know this could not end

You have the power to create the life you want to live.
Start with taking a deep breath… Then… Let it go.

Thank you for the stars you shared with me
infinities i had not begun to dream
we’re still the kids we used to be
just REBORN to venture onwards

Love, Peace & Kindness
From me to you
Till and beyond
Ever and forever.

– To Dominika.

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