The Broken Girl Is Whole


sad nights
full of hushed plights
and silent fights
damaged love
cracked hearts
now alone on the road
desolate and bitter
broken and abandoned
betrayed by the world
consoled by crystals that dont glitter,
snow that never falls,
and she runs, barefeeet in her redd ball gown
there’s someone behind her
chasing and calling for her to halt
but she cannot stop
spiralling into an unknown oblivion of time
the sweet and broken angels crawling by her side
‘do not
let life divide
what death
can join together
become one with all and see
only in this fearful embrace of your demise shall you find solace’
she runs, she knows not where, until she’s not.
falling through clouds gazing at the top of the hill
he lover and killer staring down
now she’s still
still in love
still alive,
in pain
but the purest sort
she feels nothing
and she accepts it
it is finished she whispered
her body broken in all sorts of orders,
her soul finally whole

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