Reflection of dissociated memories, Found in one mind, but at different times. (Remember me in 5 years Time)

29/10/2017 … (coffee shop therapy and meditation)

I remember apologizing to this rose on my table,
because it was dying and I didn’t know what to do
I plucked it from the wild to give to you
a day too early before I could see you.
And that’s when I began to think, that could it’s death help love thrive
Will it’s colors keep what we have alive
Will it’s death help life survive?
I guess we will never know what could have been
I buried the Rose in the garden that night.


I fell in Love with the world in you
now I feel cold.
I fell in Love with the world in you
Now I feel Holier

This World is so enchanting, so much so that it hurts to think
that we are destroying it every day!!

What happens when it becomes too much??


Do all these because we will someday return to dust.

And maybe our atoms could collide some more and become one.
Maybe we will always be lost.
Maybe, one day again
Maybe when,
We meet again in another time, in another life

Maybe I’ll be ink and you’ll write secrets with me
Or I’ll be paint,
And you’ll make me into existence on your canvas
And I’ll stare at you and be your truth

Until maybe someday I decay
And reunite with you at the end
Just like in the beginning.
When all was one.
Before the flash of light or the Big Bang
Before science and the word of God

At the end

Beyond the clouds at the promised place
When all the universe is dark again
And the only thing that shines is your name
When we don’t know where we are,
When there are no words and know loss
No issues and no blood
Will you be happy to know that maybe a part of me was there all along?
A part of me that I lost in your eyes, a part of me that I lost in your smile
A part of me I tried to give to the world,
a part of me that will evolve away from me.

With no time

And hoping that someday. The world will learn
The true value of Loving.

It isn’t just you, and it isn’t just me,
It’s everywhere we are, and with everyone everywhere.

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