Broken (please don’t cry)


A grotesque kaleidoscope of inhuman
beauty with the transdimensional eerie of celestial intelligence.
search for a word that could explain
and characterise the beauty
something to define the pain

it doesn’t exist
even though you look beautiful always
please don’t be sad
it’s so very hard

the fears are easier to face in silence
without hearing teardrops hit the floor
but its strange
I remember this day, i woke up on a train
turning my head, feeling my body was hell
but she smil.d,

I don’t miss You
I just want to
be in that train again
when its all dark outside
trying to get back home

and look into your blue mascara covered eyes
tell you to visit me someday soon
watching you disappear into the horizon

appearing a few days later
walking at night
in the dark
hand in hand
hugging you,
smiling gazing into smiles
falling asleep on the bus back home, feeling something was missing

trying not to cry
feeling broken inside
did you or did you not
say ‘goodbye’?

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