High and Dry, Deluded in the Sky (For Amadine)


describe the world we live in
don’t you feel the carbon chains around
don’t you feel the bends
with every step that you take
that the oxygen we breathe is
as fake and as plastic as our trees
and the lady you care about so much
what is real about her
have you bothered to even ask
what is real about you

we think the same things at the same time
this is dedicated to all human beings
for the reckoner

it wears me out
if i could be who you wanted (to be what you want)
my body is attached to the strings that you pull
my hair as fake as your clothes
will you (promise to) love me all the time

is it all useless
because we do this to ourselves
whats the point
that’ll all come to an end

Let it shimmer in the light. In the light of the world
i can’t blame you.
for what you are, what you’re taught
about all the human beings, all creatures

dedicated to all human beings

dear friend

I’m back

sorry i was away
for so long


it was a slippery slope
the pyramid we slid down, slipping in and out of consciousness

life is large
but it only goes so far
meet me here
between the bars

i feel numb
and my memory shifts into random access
and my soul
is nude
i’m in foolish distress

would all this love
be in vain
if its all for blood. I promise i wouldn’t be gone
i can help and change and make a difference

Love Always,


On the moon where we forget all our mistakes

(in the end)
we visualised the climax from the beginning
Delude me and betray me
I’ll leave, so you find me again
i reminisce of days without you,
before you
before i tripped through your wires.
before we quenched the devil’s desire

Noise pollution and transport fumes
pioneer for a new generation
The stairway to heaven of tunes

Lightening strikes and webs across the night sky
Her Blonde hair falling down her shoulders unto her back
i wanted to feel the scarf around her neck

but look what love gave us…
a world full of killing and bloodspilling

Dedicated to all human Beings

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