Muse (You can’t say life doesn’t possess it’s moments of brilliance!)


I was spiralling into wonderland
gazing into her eyes
and seeing
colours that didn’t exist in the rainbow

I saw flashes of it
but it disappeared ever so quickly
her billion dollar smile
the day we sat and talked
about liquor and guns
about love and gods

the illusion
and mystery of life’s purpose
and about our passions
about pain, some of her pain

and we concluded that life is only life because of memories
we are what we believe and how people believe us to be
faith that we are conscious
trust that our energies mix

Jackie inhaled the smoke and felt as it heated her blood
she looks up at John
and he forgets about his loss
about Marilyn, forgets about Mary
and in a solemn embrace
they kiss

in that moment it was right.
and she felt the fire in her lungs
maybe it was the smoke, maybe it was the kiss
and she felt a connection, not just with him, but with a different part of life
with his energy in her she felt like God
and he, still wrapped in her human blanket hallucinated an astral projection of her intelligence
encompassing all that was
An eerie sound the he wanted to lie in

They immersed their souls in what was
because strange things will happen
and our memories of days are what remain when it ends
they ran across the road chasing the bus
and weren’t disappointed when they didn’t make it
he was going to remember she tasted like honey
and that was because they didn’t hide
under the milky rain
she was queen of the harbour
on this beautiful day.

– For Agi

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