Untitled #2


Happy and Healthy

Alive and Awake

Coffee and Vodka

Teas and Soda

Time and time again
Smiles breaks gloom as sunny skies bring light to day
And shines so much that night is bright
Glasses and water. Reflections ripple
And reveal
An us that cannot feel
An us that can only see
What is out of its cage
An us lost in our eyes
A fragmented people
A shaken world.
An us that dreams of sunny skies and still waters
That hopes we remain in this blissful youth
That we lie in the sound
Under the sun
Dreaming of love
From dawn to dusk.
And under moonlights and starry nights
We gaze into Gods eyes
And ask if the he made us
Or if we made him
If he has a plan
Or if we’re too much for him to stand
Ask him about our love
And if it’s ever enough
If it will be in vain and tear us apart
Or if it’ll last forever and transcend beyond time

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