Cold Liquor

11/08/2016 – 29/09/2016

She tasted like cigarettes
trying to swim in a pool of lust
but drowning in an ocean of sorrow
and she hated it
hated the fact that he could see
her cracked up layers
and her piled up fears
he held the leaves
in her Cardoon shaped heart

For she didn’t understand that her smoke was his air
And he revelled in the waves of her lust
And basked in the breathlessness of her sorrow
She sleeps on a bed of roses
But only feels the thorns
And he bleeds by her side
Painting the white petals red
And every night they decompose
in the bottle of Cold Liquor

Out of Berlin’s lights
With nothing else in mind
And only the wall is in sight
She wants to stand by the wall
Make love by the wall
And the pigs could fucking watch
Because they will Ride and Die
They are the freak show
And all of heavens hosts
Acknowledge their place down below
Sitting around a table
Sipping Cold Liquor

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