A Girl Is A Gun (For Cs.)


Do You Feel Your Heart Racing
As She Squeezes Your Hand In Hers
And When You Kissed
Did You Feel The Trigger In Her Tongue

I Could Smell The Powder
As She Whispered In My Ear
And She Bit On The Lobe
Saying Baby Do Not Fear

Did You Think You Were All She Had
She Is More Than That
Stronger Than You, Stronger Than Me
Stronger Than What You Thought She Used To Be

She Was Never Broken, Not For A Brief Moment
And She Never Forgets, Not The Bloody Vertigo
Every Gift Helped Build The Armour She Carries
From Every Person Who Filled Up Her Chamber

She Kept The Bullet You Gave Her
When You Promised Her Your Love
Spread The Word
A Girl Is A Gun

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