The Feminist


I fell in love with a feminist
but it only lasted a week
she was heavenly champagne for my thirst
but it only proved I was weak,
she’s 21, living the dream,
10000 miles away from home
and I’m 17, chasing the scene
Trying not to be left alone.

I fell in love with a feminist
and her name is alex,
she’s done with the 3rd cycle of her life
while I contemplate on all my strives
I met her at the airport,
she was wearing a leather jacket
and I knew the battle would be lost
I’m a sucker for leather jackets

I want to kiss this feminist,
because I think we would like it
she could view me however she wants
because I would become her dream,
she would taste like cigarettes
and I wouldn’t mind,
I’ll know she’s mine
and I wouldn’t regret it

I fell in love with a feminist
but at the same time I loved my friend,
my mind was a tangled knot of emotions
and I didn’t know how it would end
so in the thick of the night I wrote a poem
and I called it cherry blossoms, because
my heart had gotten so high
that it can only fall down

talking about the feminist,
She was the very bold kind.
we planned an imaginary adventure around Europe
I see it was a decision poorly timed
she loved all genders alike
not a common feature in Africans
she was rebuked, but she didn’t care
they could all go screw off somewhere

I grew infatuated with the feminist,
so much so that I believe she could see
the kind of effect
she was causing in me
so she closed down her doors/breath to me
and waited until I couldn’t breath/rest
laying in the drapes I hear the long beep
My heart finally going to sleep.

I fell in love with a feminist,
obviously you know that by now
depends on what you define love as
because other times I exaggerate
and there’s this girl in my class I adore
she’s different from the girls I’m used to,
My brain gets very dizzy.
my heart love’s easy

I realize now that she’s a feminist
unlike most she was also a realist
and I counted myself lucky
to have known this grace/person
eventually I summed up my fears
I lined my emotions in a queue
and I told this feminist, my eyes heavy with tears
I love you…

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