Unfinished Story


She looked like she needed a drink, or she’s had one too many… Isn’t that just hilarious, I thought to myself as i ordered my first drink at the bar. This is going to be my only drink tonight i told myself as i took a sip out of the bloody Mary. Why a celery stick would ever be put in a drink beats me… She walked out of the bar, every step looked easy, she wore heels and was dressed conservatively. i watched her hail a cab. She stepped in and i couldn’t help but silently wish i saw her again.

I got to school a bit late, and thanked my stars that the lecturers didn’t really care about tardiness. I considered skipping the lecture outrightly but i needed a breather from my busy schedule. having a band wasn’t as easy as i thought, most especially when you’re the song-writer, lead bass and backing vocals… almost like the devil turned my biggest fantasy to my worst nightmare. it was beginning to make me wish wishes didn’t come through, it was on my mind for 5 seconds until she stepped into the class. She took a seat right next to me, my only fear was that she could hear my heart beat.
‘hey’ she whispered to me and my heart skipped a beat. i opened my mouth but shut it due to the sudden increase in the acidity of my throat, it felt like the breakfast i didn’t have was about to come back out. finally i swallowed my cowardice back where it belonged(the guts i was trying to prove i had).

‘hi’,i replied, she giggled,
‘whats so funny?’ i asked out of reflex
‘it took you about 5 seconds to reply’. now i giggled, it was more of a cough, those giggles that rupture in the back of the throat and don’t make it to the chest.
‘oh, that doesn’t usually happen’
‘i saw you at the bar yesterday’
‘yeah, i saw you too’…’how come you got to class like 10 minutes before its supposed to end, you basically missed the whole thing’ i said with a smile
‘i wanted to see you’ as those words came out of her mouth through her perfectly poised lips. i almost choked on my own saliva.
but instead i asked her out for a drink. i was going to meet her later tonight

Now with my band, we were working on a new song… the synthesisers buzzed in with the guitar riff,and the drum picked up before settling into a quiet beat , i strummed silently into my bass guitar as the lead singer, jeff, sang my lyrics:

this is all
it could ever be
allow me to wallow
in all this sorrow
its part of losing
what i knew would never be

halcyon days are behind me
halcyon days
but in this limbo
i exist
let the brimstone rise
let the hail rain

black in the sunlight
blood in the moonlight
without you
is leaving me blue

I don’t want you
keep telling me to do it
And you know it’s not true
just let me down

just let me down…
just let me down…

‘shit man, thats like the dopest thing ever… what inspired it?’, Ed asked me

‘nothing really, i just mixed a bunch of stuff together its quite abstract’
‘we could keep rehearsing it till night time, we could perform it this saturday at the university open mic night…’

‘i’ve gotta go out by night time, i’m meeting someone for a drink’.

‘whats this girls name?…’ and in that moment i realised i didn’t even know her name. shit.

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